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Public Service Announcement (PSA)



The Public Service Announcement (PSA) Program offers qualifying organizations, who typically cannot afford paid advertising, free advertising space on available displays provided by California State Outdoor Advertising Agency (CSOAA) members. This program has donated millions of dollars of advertising space to various charities, nonprofits, and civic organizations over the years. 


For more information about the program, please click here.

Former Program Participants

Since the PSA Program’s inception in 2007, CSOAA has worked with hundreds of organizations to bring public service announcements to Californians throughout the state, including:  

•    California Department of Public Health

•    Board of Equalization/CA Education Solution

•    Health Access Foundation

•    Habitat for Humanity

•    Latino Coalition for a Healthy California

•    Rescue Mission Alliance


Public Service Application

Please fill out the PSA Request Form, linked below, and submit it back to the CSOAA. Including as much information in the request form as possible (i.e. alternative flight dates, number of displays, geographic targets, etc.) will improve your chances of being accepted. Qualifying participants receive donated advertising space at charge.  

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