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Public Service Announcement (PSA)



The policy of the PSA Program is to coordinate the members of the CSOAA in order to allow various charities and civic organizations an opportunity to conduct a Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign on outdoor advertising displays.

List of Organizations Helped

The CSOAA PSA committee was founded in 2007. The first charity that we helped as a group was the Boy Scouts of America. Since then, we have assisted with many other organizations with their PSA campaigns. Some of these organizations include:

California Department of Public Health - COVID 19

California Pan-Ethnic Health Network

UC Davis Mind Institute

Capital Public Radio

Connecting Women To Power

Latino Coalition for a Healthy California

Captical Medical Association Foundation

Isadore Hall III

Public Service Application

Following is an application for outdoor advertising displays. Please fill out the application and submit it back to the CSOAA. Remember to list alternative flight dates, number of displays and type of displays since that will better your chances of being accepted. Although the CSOAA will not charge any of the large rental fees for the advertising space, there is an installation charge of $1,400 per bulletin.

Feedback Link


If you have any questions or feedback regarding the CSOAA's PSA Program, please contact Stacy Miller at (818) 402-5806 or


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