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Benefits of Outdoor Advertising


Outdoor advertising is the most cost efficient and cost effective advertising medium in the world!


Advertising Costs 2006: “CPM” (Cost Per Thousand – Adults 18+)


Outdoor (Industry Avg.)                   

Cable Television (:30 spot)                 

Radio (:30 spot)                                

Magazines (weeklies)                          

Newspaper (1/3 pg b&w)                   

Television (:30 spot network)               

Internet (graphic ad)                            

Direct Mail                                          



Ten Reasons Why You Should Use Outdoor!


  1. SIGHT: Dramatic size, color & hard to ignore

  2. EFFICIENCY: Low CPM’s (Cost Per Thousand)

  3. REPETITIVE: High frequency. Commuters will pass the same advertisement multiple times per week

  4. EFFECTIVENESS: Builds &  maintains brand awareness

  5. NON-STOP: Works all day & night

  6. TARGETABILITY: Targets specific demographics

  7. MOVE-TO-ACTION: Consumers can be made immediately aware of a product orservice

  8. INFORMATIONAL: Gives directions to nearby locations

  9. EASE OF ACCESS: Easy to plan & buy a campaign suited to a product or service

  10. SPEED: Quick production, low costs









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